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The last few months has seen a blitz of “buy” buttons in social apps.  This is aligned with the shifting ways people are consuming mobile content, especially within apps. It’s all about capturing high intent.

In the same spirit, Facebook just last week revamped its design for business Pages to put more emphasis on calls to action like products/menus and contact details. But what does it mean for local?

It means Facebook is advancing plans to have Pages replace local business apps or websites. “Be where your customers are already spending their time,” has been Facebook’s battle cry over the past week.

Facebook also announced that total businesses (mostly SMBs) with Pages is up to 45 million globally. Meanwhile, BIA/Kelsey’s LCM study (wave 19) reports that Pages are the #1 marketing vehicle for SMBs.

The next step will be utilizing Messenger as a communication tool between SMBs and customers. We already see this all over Asia with WeChat and others, as we discussed on a recent analyst roundtable.

There is a lot to this topic, and lots of implications for building business models around distributing local content and ads. We cover the topic in our newest format, Analysts Briefs: Insights in Under 5 Minutes.

Episode 2 is embedded below.


Related: This will be a key topic at BIA/Kelsey SMB, which is just two weeks away. Email if you’d like a discount code to attend.



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  1. We’re seeing more and more SMBs looking at social media as a lead gen source, with FB leading the pack. In fact for clients with very limited budget we focus on social presence as a starting point. Mike is spot on that Facebook pages are replacing websites and mobile apps, although we didn’t think Mobile Apps were even a consideration for SMBs. -makeitmindful

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