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The Local Search Association recently reported that that small businesses on average get 17 sales calls a month, and answers 6 of them. In our current 2015 Local Commerce Monitor ™ (LCM) Wave 19, we have two new questions about what SMBs felt was the best day and best time of day for a media or sales rep to call. Not surprisingly, most (although not all) SMBs were not interested in taking sales calls on the weekend. The middle of the week, especially Wednesday, was far more popular.

We also asked SMBs what were the most important attributesof a media or sales rep. In the full sample, “delivers on what he/she promises” was the most popular. “Responsive to my needs” and “Knows my company/line of business” were a close second and third, respectively.

When you break the data down by industry, “delivers on what he/she promises” was rated most important by SMBs in all but one category: Professional Services*. For Professional Services SMBs, “Knows by company/line of business” won by a slim margin.

* Professional services includes advertising or public relations, consulting, design/architecture/engineering, and legal services.


BIA/Kelsey’s LCM reports can be viewed and downloaded by clients here, or purchased a la carte in the new BIA/Kelsey eStore.

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  1. It’s no surprise SMBs want media and sales reps to deliver on their promise. There’s a huge turnover in sales reps when it comes to large marketing agencies like Hibu and ReachLocal, and the accountability of the promise made during the initial sale is also lost in that turn over. It’s also difficult to control the message from the rep to the SMB owner, since there are sales reps that will promise more than they know their products can deliver. -makeitmindful

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