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A large portion of SEO is about good content. And video is a content format that can be a powerful SEO weapon. This has been true for a while, tied to Googles favorable stance on video. That goes back to longstanding initiatives like universal search, not to mention YouTube. Regardless of the reason, the outcome remains.

Video’s SEO prowess can be especially relevant for SMBs. As Will Scott stressed last week, SMB should appear to Google more like established brands. There are lots of ways to do that and video is one of them. But according to Media Distribution Solutions COO Brian Russell, video’s benefits go further than just pure SEO.

“When you’re starting to do things like use your video and weave them into your other solutions, SEO is one place, email campaigns is another, social media content is a third place,” he said during his recent presentation at BIA/Kelsey SMB. Video is like a boost for all the other tools out there.”

Russel broke down the why and how in his presentation which you can see in full below.

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