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Location based mobile advertising is a hot topic these days. But what is it exactly? More importantly, what’s its dollar value? These are key considerations at a time when figures are being thrown around the blogosphere haphazardly.  What is meant by “location targeted?” What ad formats are included? Are tablets “mobile?” 

These questions are often unanswered in data releases, but have been top of mind for me in devising the mobile portion of BIA/Kelsey’s U.S. Local Advertising Forecast 2016 over the past few months.  On a webcast today, I had the chance to flesh out some of our definitions, methodologies and the figures themselves.

The mobile portion of that webcast is embedded below as streaming video (slides and voiceover). It’s about nine minutes of analysis on how much money is pouring into location based mobile ads… what that includes… and most importantly, why?


The entire webcast will be available soon in streaming replay format (free). Stay tuned.

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