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BIAK-Sponsored-Research-BIA-Blue-Box-Franklin-Demi-CondAs small businesses increase digital marketing spend, agencies that target them using marketing automation will have a competitive advantage. This will be the focus of an upcoming BIA/Kelsey webinar, co-hosted by Vendasta.

But more important than the “why?” of marketing automation is the “how?”.  Addressing time-depleted SMBs with varying levels of tech savvy requires a targeted approach. SMBs are also a fragmented target… and fragmentation compels automation.

For one, it’s essential to identify the right SMBs who are ready to adopt a digital strategy, without driving up the cost of acquiring their business. This identification process can also weed out SMBs cohorts that tend to churn heavily.

At a time when SMBs receive several vendor pitches, agencies need to stand out and provide tangible (read: simple) value. And with SMBs using 6 to 13 different media (BIA/Kelsey) the message needs to be consistent across platforms.

We’ll get into all of this during the December 3 (free) webcast, Automated Marketing: Driving SMB Digital Spend.  We’ll break down data, insights and best practices to help SMBs realize value and ROI with marketing automation.

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