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Recently AdWeek, along with Orchestrate, released an infographic that declared 2015 the year of video. According to the infographic (see below), 46 percent of viewers take action after watching a video, 96 percent of them click links after watching video content, and 64 percent of them buy products from a site after watching related video content.  In our current Local Commerce Monitor survey of SMBs (Q3/2015) video is most popular with larger SMBs – also known as our Plus Spenders (annual ad spend is greater than $25,000). Of the video products we track (video display ads, video on their web sites, YouTube videos,  and other digital video ads) the most used by larger SMBs is video on their websites (40%) followed by videos on their YouTube channels (27%). Plus Spenders rate high ROIs (20x) from the video they use and budget around 5% of their annual advertising spend for video. While consumers are adopting video quickly, smaller businesses are not adopting it as fast as other forms of advertising.  For larger SMBs don’t just offer to create their videos via DIY or produced. Offering distribution and tracking of their videos among their social properties and other sites can get you more of their overall ad budget for video.


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