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Email Marketing Infographic (LCM 20)


Email marketing is a low cost and target rich way for small businesses to market and communicate with current and potential customers without breaking their small advertising budgets. According to our Local Commerce Monitor™ survey of small businesses, email marketing is one of the top ten most popular ways for small businesses to market and advertise. In the most recent wave of our survey, 39.4% of small businesses use email to advertise or promote their businesses. In fact most email users report a positive return on their investment (ROI) as reflected by  32.6% of small businesses who use email plan on increasing their spend on email marketing in 2017.

There’s interest in email marketing even among those small businesses not currently using email, with 35.4% of those not using email planning to start spending on it in the next 12 months.

When it comes to email marketing, 6 out of 10 email users say that they do their own email rather than use an email marketing service, which could explain why the majority of email users report seeing a fair or good ROI.

Tips – With over 60% of small businesses doing their own email marketing, providers should make sure email DIY offerings can illustrate ROI . Offering a report or push email with the success of the campaign along with automated suggestions to improve can help increase perceived ROI. Or, providing campaign success analysis tools and simple ‘how to increase the effectiveness of their email’ efforts.


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