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Brian HandlyReveal Mobile’s founder/CEO Brian Handly will keynote BIA/Kelsey’s LOCAL IMPACT Atlanta on October 12th to share insights and data about how mobile location data holds great promise for advertising performance.

Handly will provide his perspective on the location data industry by focusing on three real-world examples of location-based campaigns at the local level. This informative discussion will help you explore where and how location data is sourced, how accurate it is, how value is assigned and how this translates into actionable insights.

“We’ve been focused on the data the last few months,” Handly shared. “There is a ton of location data available but to varying degrees of quality. And even when app publishers share their data, the problem is it’s not the same data.” Handly dug into the topic a bit more, “We need data transparency and quality but it’s deeper than that. We need quantity. It’s really not so much about the number of users as it is the number of data points per user per day or week that matters.”

Reveal Mobile has been on a roll lately with its IP portfolio announcing the latest of its patent grants. This latest patent, with more on the way, maps beacon location signals to predictive analytics to provide deeper consumer graphs around context and intent to drive retargeting and attribution efforts. “Our goal is to take our technology and data to build a quality score by taking all the points together to drive the right ads tied to a location point of interest,” Handly summarized.

Learn more about location intelligence, attribution and consumer acquisition strategies at LOCAL IMPACT Atlanta, October 12 in Atlanta.


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