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Facebook Goes Up Against Craigslist and eBay (Sort of)

Craigslist has outlasted its challengers, and remains the platform to beat for classifieds, or "things to sell" marketplaces. eBay, similarly, remains a leader for the sale of goods - although most are not geographically oriented. Amazon is also active in…

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Craig Newmark at Inman: Craigslist in 70 Cities

Craigslist Founder Craig Newmark made another of his regular visits to Brad Inman's stage at Real Estate Connect today, which is taking place in San Francisco. Newmark, who humbly refers to himself as working in customer service, noted that Craigslist…

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AIM Group Projects Craigslist Revenues at $122 Million

Craigslist has always been murky about revenues, and remains a free site for most categories. It only charges a commercial rate for recruitment, with listings costing just $25 in 17 markets and $75 in San Francisco. Fees for apartment listings…

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