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Majority of Small Businesses Prefer DIY

While a majority of small businesses prefer to DIY their digital advertising (58%), this doesn't mean that these DIY SMBs don't use agencies for other advertising purposes. A typical SMB uses multiple channels (6-12) on average for advertising and marketing. 14% of SMBs…

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SMB Start Ups Focus on Digital Visibility

The internet is flooded with how-to's and "hacks" -- quick, cheap ways to get things done. For new small businesses with limited resources, it's essential to quickly get customers through the purchase funnel to survive. CenturyLink's recent infographic, "How to Launch a…

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SMB Data Point of the Week: Choosing New Ad Tech

More and more SMBs are using technology to compete against much larger competitors.  What's important to SMBs when choosing new advertising and marketing technologies? According to BIA/Kelsey's Local Commerce Monitor, Wave 19 survey of small and medium businesses (SMBs), when…

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What Do SMBs Want from Sales?

Deliver on Promises It's not surprising that the top characteristic SMBs said they want from their local sales person is that they deliver on what they promise. While sales is not fulfillment, when setting expectations with SMBs there should be a…

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