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SMB Digital Marketing: The SMBs Speak!

Amidst all the talk at SMB Digital about marketing solutions for SMBs, we also had a chance to hear from several leading edge SMBs themselves. Several Yelp customers agreed to talk at the conference on Day 1, where they were…

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SMB Digital Marketing: Seth Priebatsch of LevelUp Keynotes

Transaction marketing leads to a new level of revenue and engagement, according to LevelUp CEO Seth Priebatsch, who keynoted today at Leading in Local: SMB Digital Marketing Priebatsch has based LevelUp's success on driving more loyalty transactions, using lower Interchange…

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Announcing SMB Digital Marketing, Sept. 17-19, Chicago

We never get tired of saying it: SMBs represent the biggest marketing segment and the greatest opportunity in the local arena. We’ve watched the Yellow Pages evolve quickly to reflect this reality; and everyone else joining in: Groupon, Google, Facebook…

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