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DMS ’11: SMBs and the Evolution to Self-Serve

Two companies investing in self-service advertising for SMBs agree that self-service is an important and growing category, but isn't likely to replace direct sales. This morning's panel at DMS ’11, "SMBs and Self-Serve: Ready for Prime Time?" featured Paul Levine, COO…

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Zillow Starting to Add Realtor Reviews

On average, people only move every six years or so. So there isn’t likely to be as strong a list of reviews of real estate agents as there is for pizza. But that hasn’t stopped Zillow from adding reviews of…

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Trulia Asks: What Do You Think of This Neighborhood?

Real estate and rental agents get into big trouble if they mouth off about a neighborhood’s quality-of-life issues. The most they can do is point to Web sites that provide some general stats (i.e., school info, crime stats and market…

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Trulia Branches Out Into Rentals

Trulia, which is ranked a Top 7 real estate site by comScore, has followed the lead of and Zillow and added rentals to its site. The rentals section features all Trulia’s functionality, such as neighborhood information, mapping and ratings…

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Inman NYC: Google and Trulia?

Rumors have been flying that Google is poised to buy Trulia, “the real estate search engine” that competes with, among others, Zillow (which just said it is aiming to IPO in 2011). But according to reports by attendees, no information…

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