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In an increasingly connected multi-device world, all things cloud-based are getting lots of attention. For the same underlying reasons, social sharing is hot. That includes everything from Tweets and status updates to photo sharing apps like Instagram.

A mashup of many of these concepts recently came to my attention through Cooliris, a company sitting on a panel I’ll moderate at next month’s SMOC conference in San Francisco. Its LiveShare app lets users share almost every form of digital media in real time.

Streams can be set up so that all kinds of stuff can be shared with designated group members. That includes maps, photos, videos, written notes, etc. It’s almost like what Google Wave was trying to be, but with a much simpler interface based on mobile media sharing.

And it makes more sense with the growth of smartphones and tablets where people want to not only share existing media (i.e., YouTube clips), but dynamic media (i.e., video I just shot on my iPhone). This could make sense as a shared travel log, or a messaging tool for any group activity.

Things are moving in that direction with group messaging apps like Beluga, and again with social sharing apps like Instagram and Color. This is the uber version of those things mashed together. Video is below, and more to come after I’m able to see more at SMOC next month.

Meanwhile Cooliris is fresh off a funding round, receiving $9.6 million from Kleiner Perkins in February.

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