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Facebook’s Tim Kendall: What Works in Social Advertising

Facebook is tweaking its approach to advertising, given the realities of what’s effective in social media, according to Facebook Director of Monetization Tim Kendall, who was speaking at TargusInfo’s Online Lead Quality Summit last week in Las Vegas. The problem…

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Can Pandora Be a Local Play?

I missed this until now but Sarah Lacy at TechCrunch has an interesting post on Internet radio business models. This is told through the story of Pandora, which had a few brushes with fatality, since being alleviated by grassroots action,…

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Bookshelf: Stibel’s ‘Wired for Thought’

There has been kind of a disconnect for me in former head Jeff Stibel’s twin identities as a top local executive, and as a brain scientist. Not anymore. In a provocative and valuable new book, “Wired for Thought,” Stibel…

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DMS ’09: Print Yellow Pages 2.0

The traditional print directory has been under fire over the past few years, but panelists at DMS ’09 feel there is new life in the print book as it moves from its stagnant 1.0 version to become more usable and…

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DMS ’09: Local Media Leaders Remain Bullish

  The local media marketplace continues its rocky road through the current economy, but many companies are bullish on their futures given the moves they have made in diversifying their product portfolios with new digital offerings to balance their core…

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