The Battlefronts Of Search’s Next Era

The Battlefronts of Search’s Next Era

This post is the latest in a weekly series of excerpts from BIA/Kelsey's recent report Mobile Local Discovery, The Next Era of Search. The series will lead up to BIA/Kelsey NEXT, a conference on the future of local, taking place December…

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Programmatic Coming Big Time To Local Video

Programmatic Coming Big Time to Local Video

  As we're seeing with players like Yashi, within just the past couple years, various forms of linear and digital programmatic video are coming into the local marketing mix. Now with local broadcasters entering this digital video arms race, the stakes…

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SMB Data Point Of The Week: SMBs Prefer DIY

SMB Data Point of the Week: SMBs Prefer DIY

In our current survey we asked SMBs how they like to purchase digital advertising. SMBs prefer "Do-it-Yourself" (DIY) over assistance. Only 19.4% reported preferring some type of assistance aka "Do-It-With-Me" (DIWM) or "Do-It-For-Me" (DIFM). SMBs prefer DIY because they believe it's…

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