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LMW Issue 22: The New Era of Search

What does Google's shifting search volume signal for the future of search? What does the Local on-Demand Economy (LODE) mean for local media companies? And why is Verizon's acquiring AOL? These are a few topics we tackled over the last…

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The New Era of Search Has Tipped

Google has made lots of waves in tech and media worlds with last week's revelation that mobile search volume now outweighs desktop. That goes for several developed markets including the U.S. This follows recent LSA data that show mobile has…

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Entertainment Value: SMBs Have it Too

SMBs in the entertainment vertical love video advertising. We're talking movie theaters, event venues, catering, on-demand performers*, etc.. As is conducive to their craft, they're big fans of online video, particularly website and YouTube videos. They're also big on cable…

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