Footfall123 Finding Its Niche in Loyalty

Making the rounds last week in London's burgeoning digital media community, we met Footfall123, a London-based company offering a loyalty marketing solution with a strong social marketing component. Footfall123 white labels its solution through partners and also works directly with merchants.…

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Where Could Yelp Be Going Next?

Last week, we made the prediction that Yelp will buy build or partner to bring Vine-like functionality to its mobile products.  This comes in the wake of Yelp's positive Q1 earnings, and moves by Facebook and Foursquare to compete more…

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Is There a Local Angle for Vine?

Twitter's Vine is blowing up for its ability to shoot quick and easy videos. Smartphone saturation and wireless broadband also make it an opportune time. And people are getting creative with the 6 second format. The ease of use makes…

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