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The Unit Economics of On-Demand Services (Video)

One of the draws of the local on-demand economy (LODE) is how it flips the model for local commerce.  For example, by connecting buyer and seller more directly, LODE sidesteps lots of traditional margin-compressing overhead (storefront, staff, warehouse, etc.) and engenders leaner unit…

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eBay Sells Off Craigslist Stake

eBay’s one-time dream of anchoring its large classifieds/marketplace business with Craigslist as now officially ended. Last week, eBay accepted a cash buyout from Craigslist for its 28.4 percent stake, allowing eBay to focus on splitting off its multi-billion dollar PayPal…

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BIA/Kelsey NOW: A Photo Essay

In the wake of last Friday's BIA/Kelsey NOW, we're all still digesting what one attendee called a "high caliber, content-dense and forward thinking," summit. We'll have full session coverage and video to come. For now, here is a sampling of pictures…

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Wanderful Bets on Mobile ‘Cash Dash’

Wanderful Media, the newspaper-owned promotions company, has expanded on its original Find&Save coupon portal, which now includes 500 national and regional merchants, and 18,000 brands. The new expansion efforts are focused on Cash Dash, a geolocation promotions feature found within…

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