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BIA/Kelsey NOW | Seattle — Session Added: Avvo Aims for Legal Services Disruption

tl;dr version: BIA/Kelsey NOW | Seattle will give you the connections and insights to build successful local, on-demand businesses. We’ll save you tens of thousands of dollars worth of time, research and undiscovered learnings one one day. Register today and save $100 with discount code “NOWMR“!

February 18th in Seattle. BIA/Kelsey will examine on-demand business models at NOW | Seattle. After the keynote, Seattle union legislation and brand sessions we announced last week, we’ll get down to business with a series of panels about the tools, strategies and partnerships that set the stage for local, on-demand success.

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BIA/Kelsey NOW|Seattle Speaker Lineup Announced

Our second Local On-Demand Economy Conference, NOW | Seattle, will take place on February 18, 2016. Join us to for an action-packed one-day event. Register today with the discount code “NOWMR” to save $100 on the $595 admission price.

What’s NOW? To start it all off, get an on-demand view of the emerging world of virtual reality, Internet of Things, voice interfaces, and concierge business models from Rackspace futurist Robert Scoble. We’ll also discuss:

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Local Media Watch: A Call for Submissions

In 2016, we're doing lots of new things with content, including blogging, analyst briefs, and our newsletter. As part of that, we're elevating our Vantage Points program for submitted columns from thought leaders in local. If you have insights, tactical advice or…

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