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New Lens On Local Helps TV Sellers Compete Better

Advertisers expect media sellers to have knowledge of their market, business and what works for advertising. In fact, our small business survey (Local Commerce Monitor) respondents rank in-depth product intelligence and the value of the product vs. others as top wants from…

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Mobile is the Fastest Growing Advertising Channel

56.5% of small businesses are using mobile advertising, according to data from BIA’s latest Local Commerce Monitor™ (LCM) survey report, Mobile Advertising and Small Businesses, up from 22.9% of small businesses just two years ago. Small business advertisers are attracted to mobile's better ad reach, as…

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8 out of 10 Small Businesses Use Social Media Advertising

  80% of small businesses use social media for advertising and promotion, according to data from BIA’s latest Local Commerce Monitor™ (LCM) survey report, Social Media Advertising and Small Businesses. This includes free social media channels, such as a Facebook page.  Local advertising on social media channels…

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