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The Rebound for Radio

The next six months will be an interesting time for Radio operators. As we get to the next stage of the pandemic and start to see unemployment numbers drop and businesses re-emerge, Radio is uniquely positioned to benefit from this…

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Piloting the Pandemic Storm

Let’s assume that the airlines return to business, and while we are on a flight to a convention in Vegas our plane enters a thunderstorm. What would an experienced pilot do? First, given his or her training and experience, they…

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BIA Unveils Local Over-the-Top (OTT) Ad Forecast

Tracking the tremendous growth in over-the-top (OTT), I'm pleased to announce that BIA is expanding our local media forecast to include local OTT advertising. At TVB Forward 2019, we'll present our initial estimates, which show 2019 will generate $857 million…

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Track vertical ad spending for budgeting in 2019

Building Your 2019 Revenue Budget: Part 3

In this third part of our series examining how to build a grounded revenue budget for 2019, we’d like to offer our top three recommendations for growth in 2019. Recommendation One: Implement verticals-based revenue budgeting for 2019. It is not…

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Media Share of Ad Revenue by Local Market

Building Your 2019 Revenue Budget: Part 2

It’s budgeting season and many of our clients have expressed their concern about next year and beyond. Both certain and uncertain dynamics are at play involving recurrent influences (i.e., politics, Olympic games) and the continuous changes (i.e., digital, consumer content…

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$500 Million for a Radio Cluster?

In its recent report on CBS Radio, BIA/Kelsey provides a detailed analysis on the radio industry, the leading radio groups and the markets in which CBS Radio competes.One conclusion is that the CBS Radio cluster in New York City could be…

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A Special Goodbye to John and Pam Kelsey

By Tom Buono, CEO, BIA/Kelsey John Kelsey, having sold The Kelsey Group a year ago to BIA, has stepped down from the company after helping us all with the transition. John has been a remarkable force of innovation in the…

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