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We’ve been talking a lot lately about the “Local Commerce Universe.” But what is that exactly? To kick off last month’s BIA/Kelsey SMB, Abid Chaudhry and I introduced the topic for the first time. (full session video below).

In short, the LCU presents myriad startups and local media companies providing local marketing and operational capabilities. But it’s much more than just a graphic… it represents local’s expansion into more than just advertising. It’s increasingly about a broader set of tools to help SMBs run their operations.

This will be a jumping off point for deeper analysis within the many categories that make up the industry map. You can get a free copy of the high-resolution graphic by tweeting #localverse. Meanwhile, see the video below for a breakdown of the key trends that are defining the LCU’s expansion and opportunity.

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  1. I’m a professional looking to get smarter on this landscape. Can you please share the pdf version of this map

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