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Yelp reached a sizable milestone today, hitting 20 million reviews. More notable is the rate of growth. It reached its first million reviews in about 2.5 years. Then it took another three years to get to 10 million. That was March of last year; now just 16 months later, it has doubled that.

Another interesting statistic: About 10 percent of Yelp’s users are active mobile users, but mobile makes up for about a third of its search queries. That obviously says a lot about engagement levels of mobile users. Yelp is placing lots of chips there, as shown by its recent mobile deals launch.

We’ll have Yelp’s consumer products lead, Eric Singley, on stage at next week’s Deals 3D conference to find out more. In the meantime, here’s an infographic with more Yelp data from today’s announcement.

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