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Interviewed by Marc Benioff at Salesforce’s Dreamforce conference that took over San Francisco last week, Google Chairman and former CEO Eric Schmidt espoused our new favorite topic, SoLoMo.

“The next generation of leaders and start-ups to emerge will involve mobile, local and social,” he told Benioff in explaining that we’re reaching diminishing returns in developing products for the desktop PC. It’s mature in both economic and technological respects.

The term “mobile first” is heard with greater frequency lately, in invoking product development that is built just for mobile, rather than a port or afterthought from online (mobile 1.0). And we’re seeing just that — success stories skewing toward products built for mobile.

Schmidt is one of my favorite tech visionaries (behind you know who) because he has the rare combination of engineering background and executive savvy. He always puts things into perspective and he’s usually right.

The entire video is below, where they get into other hot topics like software patents, Googorola and Apple.

Image Credit: TechCrunch

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