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Earlier this week, xAd announced a new partnership with out of home adverting company Posterscope. xAd will track and target people who have seen billboards with repeat messaging and exposure.  This interestingly makes it a sort of re-targeting for the real world.

From the press release:

Harnessing the value of big data, xAd’s targeting technology (SmartFencing™) identifies users who have recently been exposed to Posterscope’s OOH placements and then re-targets them throughout their day with dynamic, behaviorally triggered ads in an effort to ensure the brand is easily accessible when it matters most.

Through xAd’s Store Visitation Lift (SVL) measurement product – actual in-store visitations post-OOH and mobile ad exposure will be tracked, providing Posterscope a way to effectively close the loop and provide a true measurement on campaign performance and ROI. 

Overall, this represents an interesting new direction for xAd in that it moves into tracking and re-targeting for out-of-home advertising. The (sometimes) analog nature of that longstanding local ad medium makes it ripe for this type of media “convergence.”

So that’s certainly new and interesting. But another way this can be viewed is simply as an extension of xAd’s existing strategy to optimize location based advertising in an increasingly multiplatform/mulstiscreen world. Either way, we’ll keep a close eye on the results.


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