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Time Inc.’s MNI: 50% of Revenues From Digital

One of the big themes in local this year is the increased amount of localization in national ad campaigns. We saw it with U-Haul and Progressive Insurance a couple of weeks ago on our podium at ILM East in Boston.…

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Centro, Morris Team to Extend Geo Beyond Local Sites

In the first of many possible partnerships with local media companies, Centro has teamed up with Morris Digital Works to create a network that allows advertisers to place geo- and vertical- based ads across a broad spectrum of local and…

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Centro Launches Transis, a Cloud-Based Ad Buying Service

Centro, the local and regional media service company, has branched off into Web-based support for ad management. The company today announced the launch of Transis, a new division dedicated to automating the “other 80 percent” of the display industry not…

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