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googleprintads.jpg Google’s Print Ads program, which sells contextual display space in print newspapers, is now working with 750 newspapers, according to Stephanie Davis, Print Ads head of publisher development. Davis was speaking on a panel at this week’s NAA Marketing conference in Orlando.

Other than Davis’ appearance, Google had a low-key presence at the conference, with (at least) two lounges on separate floors of the conference hotel that were available by invitation only.

In her remarks, Davis said newspapers and Google need each other. The implication was clear, however, that perhaps newspapers need Google more (even if CPC rates may be peaking for Google and display is a much needed growth channel). Davis noted that Print Ads pays out 60 percent revenue shares on average — although she didn’t provide any guidance as to their overall gross.

Basically, there are five key areas to gauge a Google/newspaper relationship, said Davis: “Technology,” “Search,” “Lower cost of site,” “Brand” and “ROI.” In her estimation, the main advantage newspapers bring to the table is “brand.” The others are probably more oriented toward Google’s strengths. Left to their own devices, for instance, she noted that newspaper content is only “found” by customers rather than delivered to them.

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