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Here are the highlights from the TKG blog last week, in case you missed any posts. Click below to read each post in full.

AdWords Coming to the iPhone?

As we’ve speculated, one way mobile marketing could begin to take off is Google’s possible integration of an option in the AdWords work flow that allows marketers to specifically target searches done on iPhones. The first signs of this are beginning to be seen. (read more…)

TMP Study Shows Small Shift Toward SEs Over PYPs

Quite a few notable findings in TMP Directional Marketing second annual Local Search Usage Study, which it unveiled today, among them a slight shift in users’ preferred medium for conducting a local business search. Last year’s report had print Yellow Pages slightly ahead of search engines – 33 percent vs. 30 percent — while this year search engines topped PYP by a slim 31 percent vs. 30 percent. This one-year decline does add a data point to support the notion of a general shift in how users find local businesses. (read more…) and Bob Vila: Driving Leads to This Old Web Site has been busy cutting deals recently. In the past two weeks, the provider of Web site creation and hosting services, search engine optimization and lead generation services to small businesses has announced it is working with MerchantCircle (see post here) and, as of yesterday, home improvement icon Bob Vila. (read more…)

J.D. Power Roundtable: Mobile Catching On for Auto Shopping

At J.D. Power and Associates’ Automotive Internet Roundtable in Las Vegas this week, several speakers said they believe mobile search and services are an increasingly important part of auto marketing — assertions backed up by J.D. Power research showing that 18 percent of auto shoppers use mobile during the car buying process, up from 15 percent in 2007. The same research said mobile use was especially strong for luxury brands such as Land Rover, Mercedes and Jaguar. (read more…)

Mobile Televison on the Cusp

A webinar put on this morning by BIA Financial Network (The Kelsey Group’s new owner) delved into the main trends that are lining up to make mobile TV a reality. One enabling factor, for example, has been the growth of mobile broadband such as 3G networks. This is analogous to the broadband penetration that has made online video explode, and to the next generation fiber networks that will bring us IPTV. (read more…)

Marketplaces for Nonprofits: A Conversation With Good2gether

Good2gether is a little known company that has begun to work with online newspapers to create new “channels” that bring together nonprofit organizations and the individuals looking to donate their time or money. This is essentially a section within an online newspaper that allows users to search and browse listings for nonprofit donation or volunteer needs. Think of it like a classified marketplace for nonprofits. (read more…)

J.D. Power Internet Roundtable: Auto Dealers in Tough Times

J.D. Power and Associates’ annual Automotive Internet Roundtable is being held in Las Vegas, amid an industry that is being especially hard hit by the credit industry. A bunch of dealers at breakfast this morning estimated that “90 percent to 95 percent” of their sales are made on credit, and not much is going through right now. Sales themselves have shifted dramatically with gas prices, with cars — especially low-margin compacts — now outselling high-margin pickup trucks by a substantial amount. (read more…)

Live Search Goes Live on Facebook

As a result of its partnership with Microsoft last October, Facebook has integrated a Live Search box that lets users search the Web in addition to searching within Facebook’s own walls. These searches would seem to open up more opportunities (inventory) to serve local ads from Facebook’s SMB ad programs, which were discussed by Facebook’s VP of operations, Chamath Palihapitiya, at TKG’s ILM:07 conference. (read more…)

Geode: Location Awareness Comes to the Browser

We knew it was coming. Mozilla just announced a Firefox add-on that will let the browser know your location. It will be called Geode, and we have word that it will use the Wi-Fi positioning technology of Skyhook Wireless (same used in the iPhone, along with GPS). This release essentially allows developers to experiment with location awareness before it is bundled into future versions of Firefox. Users can also begin to see what its capable of by downloading Geode and testing it with a sample “food finder” application. (read more…)

Krillion Boosts ‘Find in Store’ Capability

Krillion announced today that it will productize its “find in store” functionality into a more succinct package for product search sites to use. This will include easier integration into Web sites; an interface that puts product pricing, availability and reviews all in one window; and additional features such as recommended substitutes for out-of-stock products. (read more…)

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