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kelsey_icon_rgb.jpg Here is a recap of posts from last week, in case you missed any. Click below to read each post in full.

Twitter: Now With More Local, Part II

As promised, here are some more thoughts on Twitter’s new geolocation capability. There are lots of cool local implications.First, some background: Twitter’s use as a local search tool has come in a few different flavors. With the inception of Twitter search, the service went from being a river of trite status updates to a tool for finding trending topics or things being discussed right now. (read more…)

Wired: ‘The Tragedy of Craigslist’

The glory of Craigslist is “its size and its price,” notes writer Gary Wolf in a provocative dissection of the site in the September edition of Wired (unavailable on the Web). But “Craigslist is one of the strangest monopolies in history, where customers are locked in by fees set at zero and where the ambiance of neglect is not a way to extract more profit but the expression of a worldview.” (read more…)

GM-eBay Alliance Results in 2,400 Offers in First Week

EBay’s one-month trial program selling new GM vehicles has resulted in 2,400 offers, according to GM (as reported by The Los Angeles Times). EBay’s trial, which could be extended nationwide, has been set up for 225 of GM’s 250 dealerships in California (Cadillac dealers are not participating.) If it is deemed successful, the program may be extended to GM dealers nationwide, and expanded to other auto manufacturers. (read more…)

Mobile Marketing for SMBs: K.I.S.S.

Yesterday, I had the chance to talk to Shooger president and cofounder Alex Stancioff. Stancioff has some mileage in the local search space, having cofounded local SEM firm ClickForward, which was acquired by Yellowbook in 2006. This is the reason behind Shooger’s local focus, and its path to get there via local publishers like Yellow Pages companies and entertainment books. Knowing the complications of local sales organizations and the realities of SMBs, the company will try to appeal to both with simplicity. (read more…)

What Are the Top Mobile Advertising Categories?

This is a question we’re often asked. One answer is to look at Millennial Media’s most recent figures. In the midst of its monthly mobile marketing “Scorecards,” it recently reported the top 10 mobile ad categories, extrapolated from activity on its ad network. (read more…)

HyperLocal Roundup: WaPo Pulls Out; AOL’s Patch Adds 2 Towns

Hyperlocal, everyone’s favorite unproven concept, has been back in the news this week. It started a couple of weeks ago. BackFence Founder Mark Potts announced that he has formed a high-profile team and built ad technology to drive network and local revenues for up to “2,000 hyperlocal sites” — an interesting and large number. Potts said most of them are “suburban.” (read more…)

ComScore Sizing Up Local Online Display Market 

Brian Jurutka, VP, comScore, chatted with us over lunch yesterday and mentioned a new project comScore is working on. With massive amounts of online user data from its million-strong U.S. panel (another 1 million panel members are outside the U.S.), comScore can provide data-driven insights into how people use the Internet with a range of standard and customized services. (read more…)

Neil Budde: Personalization, Local and Daily Me

Online media pioneer Neil Budde is the founding publisher of and former head at Yahoo News. Budde has made something of a study of the crossroads of local and personalization in his new role as president and chief product officer at Daily Me, a 14-person company based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, with much of the tech staff in Caracas, Venezuela. (read more…)

G5 on the Move: A Conversation With Dan Hobin

I recently had the chance to catch up with G5 Search Marketing CEO Dan Hobin about the company’s recent appearance on Inc. Magazine’s “Fastest Growing Private Companies in America” list. At No. 146, the company had 2008 revenues of $3.4 million, a 1,208.5 percent increase since 2005. These aren’t huge numbers, and the steep percentage growth is a result of growing from a small base. But it’s not bad if you consider the company didn’t receive venture funding. (read more…)

Microsoft, Advance in Yahoo Consortium-Like Pact

Newspapers are down in the dumps. But they remain powerful forces in local. Accordingly, the search engines (Yahoo, Google and Microsoft) are now beginning to fight for partnerships with newspaper sales channels, which they see as one of the best ways to reach into large local advertisers, and a good way to geotarget display ads. (read more…)

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