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Next month, BIA/Kelsey will hold its annual Marketplaces 2010 Conference in San Diego. As always, it will have a focus on evolving local online business models and vertical segmentation. Much of the attention throughout the conference will be on the related opportunities for mobile content distribution and advertising.

In addition, we’ll have a dedicated mobile focus on day 2 of the show with the continuation of our signature “superforum” format. It’s a two-hour track (but not a breakout) with a series of segments that represent the topics most deserving of our attention.

We’ll mix it up with presentations, demos and deep discussions on what’s working and not working in the quickly changing space. To kick it off, we’re excited to have Loopt CEO Sam Altman talk about the company’s many steps to evolve as a mobile social utility and local advertising platform.

Many other companies are likewise represented that we’ve discussed here over the past few weeks and months. Below are the session descriptions and links to related posts. See the rest of the speaker lineup, agenda and registration on the Marketplaces 2010 site. Hope to see you there.

Mobile Superforum: Day 2: March 23, 2010, 1:30 pm — 3:15 pm

Introduction & BIA Kelsey Data

Kickoff Address: Loopt Evolves With a Changing Mobile Environment

  • Sam Altman, Cofounder and CEO, Loopt

Making Mobile Work for Verticals: Product Showcase

  • Scott Jampol, Senior Director, Consumer Marketing, OpenTable
  • Alexander Muse, Cofounder, Big in Japan (ShopSavvy)
  • Eric Singley, Mobile Product Manager, Yelp
  • David Sturtz, Cofounder and CEO, RepairPal

Down to Business: Monetizing Mobile & Local

  • Steve Larsen, CEO, CallSpark
  • Alec Andronikov, CEO, MoVoxx
  • Craig Hagopian, President, V-Enable

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