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American Express has announced the launch of SearchManager, a unified SEM platform that will be powered by Clickable. This is essentially a white-labeled version of Clickable’s existing platform that gives advertisers a one-stop-shop dashboard for managing PPC campaigns (and Facebook pages) across Google, Yahoo, Bing, et al.

The benefit for AMEX will be an additional offering to SMBs, toward the end of boosting average returns per customer. It does so with a proven SEM tool that continues to gain attention and funding ($20 million since 2007 launch). For Clickable, the clear benefit is gaining scale, with a direct channel into AMEX’s millions of SMB customers.

In this way, it’s analogous to what Google and Intuit tried to do a few years ago: integrate AdWords into the “work flow” of the SMB-geared Quick Books. The cost for SearchManager will be $49 per month for SMBs. Larger accounts will pay 5 percent of their advertising spend with additional fees for campaign management assistance.

Additional details from the press release are below:

— Tiered-solutions for customized assistance. — SearchManager Pro is a self-managed solution for small business marketers who are currently doing search advertising, but are looking for a simple and more efficient bid management experience via a centralized dashboard.

— SearchManager Assist includes the same benefits as Pro, but also helps small business owners fully outsource or jumpstart their online marketing with the help of a dedicated PPC consultant to manage their campaign.

— Easy and intuitive. In one view, small businesses have a summary of campaigns via a straightforward dashboard, key metrics, and summary actions, with an analysis of results and advice on potential improvements;

— Ongoing campaign analysis. SearchManager provides users with continual feedback and analysis of campaigns with prioritized actions and alerts. This includes information about bids, budgeting, and even advice on optimizing ad copy;

— Full reporting capabilities. Small businesses know exactly where they stand each time they make changes to campaigns with full reporting of all key metrics and custom reports;

— Phone, online and in-person assistance. SearchManager offers users help via phone, live chat, and in-person assistance.

To introduce small businesses to SearchManager’s capabilities, American Express OPEN is offering a 30-day free trial, which includes full access to all features.

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