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ScreenHunter_05 Jun. 10 12.56As Yell Group looks for a replacement for CEO John Condron, who announced that he will retire next year, President of New Media (UK) Mark Canon‘s responsibilities at the publisher are expanding. Condron recently named Canon Deputy Chief Executive, reporting to Condron. In his new role, Canon will continue to oversee new media but will also have direct responsibility for marketing, sales and UK market development.

In an internal memorandum announcing the change, Condron said, “At the heart of this year’s business plan is the imperative to position ourselves correctly to accelerate away from this recession. We already have most of the ingredients in place: a great sales organization, a great and trusted brand, great customer solutions and leading edge technologies. But to exploit these advantages fully, we need to quick our decision taking and to ensure complete alignment within marketing and sales.”

Condron continued, “We have to apply our considerable resources wisely to maximize our ability to serve increasingly complex customer needs. I am therefore combining sales, UK market development and new media marketing into a single team under Mark Canon.”

Reporting to Canon under the new structure are Mitch Connolly, director of sales operations; Sarah Kiddell, sales director – development; and CMO Helen Stevenson and her team.

This move raises the obvious question whether the move is a signal that Canon is in line for a promotion to CEO when Condron does step down, or if this is merely a measure to ensure the company executes at a high level during the transition. Regardless, it does signal that Canon has made a mark at Yell and has earned Condron’s confidence.

Mark Canon addressing ILM 2008 in Los Angeles.
Mark Canon addressing ILM 2008 in Los Angeles.

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