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The growing viewership of video content on mobile devices and online has not reduced consumers’ television viewing habits, according to two tests conducted by Arbitron and comScore from single source data. The primary goal of the Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement (CIMM) is to find an effective way to measure video content consumption in cross-platform ways.

The study of 10 broadcast network and cable brands over a five-week period showed that an average of 90 percent of consumers engaging with a given brand did so on television, while 25 percent did so online and 12 percent via online video. We continue to see the trend of consumers engaging with brands across platforms.

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In addition, the study investigated concurrent media users, namely consumers who watch TV and use the Internet within the same half-hour time block. Across the media brands in the study, 60 percent of the brands’ TV consumers used the Internet concurrently while watching the network on TV at least once during the five-week study period. Almost half of those consumers used Facebook.

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Source: comScore and CIMM

CIMM was founded in 2009 and its members include AT&T, CBS, Discovery Communications and NBCUniversal.

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