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Amidst all the talk at the second day of SMB Digital Marketing, challenges faced by small businesses and hard recommendations on the best practices for lead generation was offered by Chris Mancini, CMO of Citing the need for easier solutions for the smaller merchants, Chris provided some insight as to the nature of the problems being faced by these small businesses and how they are responding to them via lead generation techniques.

From a recent survey of Merchant Circle customers, Chris provided some interesting data points on the challenges that these small and medium businesses face when marketing their services:

  • 59% of these small businesses cite as one of their biggest challenges the need to address all of their various marketing channels
  • 59% get an unsatisfactory ROI form Google Ad Words
  • 37% cite low quality leads, 47% say it is difficult to use
  • 40% say they spend at least 5 hours a week on marketing their businesses
  • Only 19% have developed a mobile web site
  • 85% have not conducted a daily deal in the past six months.

In order to provide solutions for these challenges, provides a marketplace for these SMBs to conduct lead generation programs. Lead generation allows these SMBs to pay form media that is most suitable for them. This performance based marketing can be outstanding for these small businesses as it allows them to accurately measure the ROI of these marketing expenses. According to Chris, the potential for lead generation has a long way to grow, especially in several different lines of businesses.

What the lead generating programs provide to these SMBs is just another method of these businesses to reach potential new and existing customers in a most efficient way. is one of several companies that can help SMBs in this area.

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