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Local search and advertising company,YP, has announced that it has acquired Sense Networks, a mobile ad company. Sense Networks was founded in 2003 and has evolved into a data aggregator and mobile ad targeting platform. It offers real-time bidding and inventory via mobile ad exchanges. This acquisition allows for YP to target the right customer by leveraging data from unique custom profiles. In a conversation with YPEVP & GM of Digital Markets David Lebow, we had the unique opportunity to learn in detail of the benefits of this acquisition.

This is YP’s first acquisition since it launched in May 2012. Sense Networks offers location, behavioral targeting and audience targeting capabilities. “With Sense we are now able to delve into all of the inventory in the mobile ecosystem,” said Lebow.

Before this acquisition YP’s mobile advertising efforts have been primarily focused on local search. Sense Networks gives YP a strong claim to expand into mobile displays now as well. The two companies have complemented each other in the past, but acquiring Sense’s expertise and competencies, with its ability to create consumer profiles for use in mobile ad targeting, will now offer YP a real competitive advantage. Lebow said, “Sense opens up an entire new market for us. It gives us access to national advertisers that aim to advertise locally, who are looking to drive local results and are buying mobile-display.” Lebow said, “Every advertiser wants to buy not just mobile display but sophisticated, targeted ads.”

Sense Networks, in the past, has catered primarily to national advertisers. However, YP works primarily, though not exclusively, with small businesses. This acquisition will bolster the sophistication of YP’s platform offerings and capabilities. This also demonstrates a move into the ranks of national mobile advertisers for the company. When asked when we should we expect to see an impact on YP’s product offering Lebow’s answer was, “Immediately is when Sense will have impact.”


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