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The cliche that men hate to shop and women love it is pretty deeply ingrained in our collective psyche. But the truth is, everyone shops. The real differences between men and women involve not whether they like to shop, but how they shop, especially when it comes to their mobile devices. According to BIA/Kelsey’s Consumer Commerce Monitor™, the 20.5% of males who use tablets and the 34.8% who use smartphones for local shopping are more engaged with mobile than many female consumers.

Smartphones are becoming increasingly more involved in the shopping process with a lot of technology coming out that is slowly starting to enable smartphones to replace credit cards, loyalty cards and much more. When asked about the use of smartphone scanned code loyalty programs, 27.2% of men were a part of loyalty programs that allowed them to register their purchases in this way while only 16.6% of women were part of one. Men are also twice as likely to have a digital wallet than women and 38.7% of men who use a smartphone when shopping locally have occasionally or often used a smartphone to scan a bar-code.

Not only are men quicker to adopt new functions for their mobile device in-terms of shopping locally than women, but those who use their mobile devices for shopping locally do so more frequently. Of the male respondents, 36.4% use tablets for local shopping once a day (or more) compared to only 29.0% of women and 43.1% of men use smartphones once a day (or more) compared to only 38.0% of women.

Mobile frequency

Want to know more about advertising to male vs. female consumers? Stay tuned for more details on BIA/Kelsey’s upcoming spotlight deck about our gender specific findings from our Consumer Commerce Monitor.

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