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Any company that sells to small businesses knows that demographics can be a stronger indicator of preference than vertical category. We recently met with the leadership team at Home Advisor to ask about the trends they are adapting to in the SMB space. The first thing they cited is how different younger businesses view digital media compared with their more established peers.

HomeAdvisor CEO Chris Terrill and President Craig Smith will headline BIA/Kelsey’s SMB conference, coming up Sept. 29-30, in Denver. We recently wrote about how the two execs would focus on the theme of “disruption” in their talk at the conference.

“The young guys coming in, all they know is Facebook. All they know are smartphones. All they know is how to operate in the digital world,” Terrill said. “And their demands are higher.”

Terrill and Smith’s observations about younger businesses square with BIA/Kelsey’s own Local Commerce Monitor data, which shows newer businesses are much more aggressive in their use of digital media, social media in particular, compared with longer-tenured SMBs. See the video link below for more of their comments.

Thanks to bieMedia for its assistance with shooting and editing this video.

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