At BIA/Kelsey SMB: Women are Leading in Local

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Women attendees at BIA/Kelsey’s SMB conference jumpstarted their networking at a session just for them on Monday night. Women Leading in Local, a special discussion and cocktail party for women only, has become a staple at BIA/Kelsey conferences. Over cocktails, attendees heard from several inspiring guest speakers and women business owners. And while enjoying cocktails, attendees were able to shop at a table set up by Threads Worldwide.

The Women Leading in Local session was sponsored by Advice Interactive Group.

About the Speakers

Bernadette Coleman is the founder and CEO of Advice Interactive Group, a Dallas-based digital marketing and local search technologies agency. She has authored multiple eBooks, the most recent two being An Introduction to Social Media Marketing eBook: A Guide for Small Businesses and Online Marketing for Local Businesses: A Beginner’s Guide. Bernadette is also the co-founder of the Rocks Digital marketing conference.

Kara Wiegand and Angela Yost are co-founders of Threads Worldwide, a Denver-based SMB that sells fair trade jewelry and crafts made by mostly female artisans from around the world, including Ethiopia, Guatemala, India, Peru and Vietnam. Fair trade promotes fair wages, healthy working conditions, and a sustainable environment for employees and the planet. According to Threads Worldwide, by providing women consistent means to support their families and communities, they grow out of poverty and are able to innovate and contribute to our world.

Threads Worldwide

Threads Worldwide

Handcrafted items from Threads Worldwide

Handcrafted items from Threads Worldwide

BIA/Kelsey's Celine Matthiessen introduces our guest speakers

BIA/Kelsey’s Celine Matthiessen introduces our guest speakers

Women Leading in Local

Women Leading in Local



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