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SMBs who advertise on TV/Cable have a unique profile. In our current Local Commerce Monitor survey of SMBs (Q3/2015),  we find that not only are Cable/TV SMBs larger in size (average of 31 full time employees), the average TV/Cable SMB is in growth mode, meaning they are established businesses looking to gain share and new customers. Compared to their counterparts, SMBs that don’t advertise on Cable/TV, they spend more on advertising, will increase their overall advertising & marketing budget in 2016 more than non Cable/TV advertisers and use more co-op dollars. Cable/TV SMBs are budgeting more for other channels, including traditional, digital and social. While firmly planted in TV/Cable advertising SMBs in this group are interested in new ways to engage with their customers across media and those who sell to this group have a lot of opportunities to grab additional share if they have the right offers.


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