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Sales transformation is all about people, process and product. That’s according to BIA/Kelsey sales transformation guru Stacey Sedbrook. As discussed last week, people is a big one and sometimes requires hard decisions. But product is also critical.

“Product is really the issue that has brought sales transformation to a head,” she said. “As we look at legacy organizations that are trying to introduce digital to their portfolios, it’s driven this question of how we build a sales organization.”

For Sedbrook, this all starts with four main areas of development:

1. Change behavior… or change people
2. Sell solutions, not products
3. Marketing and sales must be aligned
4. Sales people should have the tools to differentiate themselves

In anticipation for the session she’ll run at BIA/Kelsey ENGAGE in just two weeks (panelists listed below), part 2 of her analyst brief outlines and expands on these tactics. The video is imbedded below.

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 1.53.49 PM


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