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Radio Versus the Duopoly: The 2x Equation.

BIA's recent forecast for 2021 shows Radio as #5 among the top five ad media for local spending. Mobile (smartphones, tablets) and Online (desktops, laptops) claim the #2 and #3 positions. If we combine the spending across these three media…

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What Keeps Multi-Location Marketers Up at Night?

Multi-location brands including franchisees, regional businesses and channel partners have moved increasing amounts of their marketing strategies and media activations into digital to derive the benefits of audience targeting and ROI analytics these media platforms offer. The challenges brought on…

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OTT Ecosystem Players

BIA convened an expert panel of OTT industry thought leaders who shared their insights, recommendations, frustrations and excitement about Connected TV. The session was moderated by Mitch Oscar, BIA advisor and Advanced TV Strategist for USIM. The webinar is available…

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How COVID-19 Changed Sales Organizations Forever

In this edition of BIA Advisory Services’ Vantage Points series, Robert Hawthorne, president of Hawthorne Search is our guest and he shares his perspective on how the pandemic will have a lasting impact on the sales process as we shift from live meetings…

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The Rebound for Radio

The next six months will be an interesting time for Radio operators. As we get to the next stage of the pandemic and start to see unemployment numbers drop and businesses re-emerge, Radio is uniquely positioned to benefit from this…

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