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The $15.7 billion BIA is estimating in ad spend for local television (broadcast and online), while down from 2020 levels of $16.8 billion, represents a strong recovery for the media when you remove the unprecedented amounts of political ad spend. Excluding political spend, broadcast TV’s local ad revenue is forecast to grow 8.0% over 2020, while TV Online is forecast to grow 13.9%. The growth will be driven by expected vaccine availability and the resulting economic recovery.

TV is number four in BIA’s recently released its 2021-2025 local advertising spend forecast.

The biggest spenders on Local Television in 2021 will be Automotive, Retail, and General Services, which is a catch-all category that includes various home improvement categories, law firms, and accounting.

For more advertising projections, BIA’s U.S. Local Advertising Forecast 2021 is available to BIA ADVantageTM subscribers. Interested in the full U.S. Local Advertising Forecast 2021 are available here. Get a discount and save $350 off using the code 2021Kickoff at checkout.

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