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Local Strategies for Selling Digital

Local advertisers from the small local cleaners to franchisees all have a similar challenge - getting their message in front of customers on many screens and places. On average, a local business uses at least 9 different ad channels. That means working…

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Digital Opportunities for TV/Cable Ad Sellers Abound

BIA's 2019 local advertising forecast shows over-the-air (OTA) television advertising as the fourth largest of all media in advertising dollars at over $17 billion in local in 2019. Cable TV is forecast at $5.8 billion in 2019. While digital/online television advertising accounts for…

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Local TV’s $23 Billion Opportunity? Think Digital TAM.

NOTE: This post was revised 9/21/18 to correct an editing error. As BIA works with clients to strategize revenue growth prospects for local TV, we're considering the Total Addressable Markets (TAM) for broadcast television versus digital platforms. It's a tale of two cities.…

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Track vertical ad spending for budgeting in 2019

Building Your 2019 Revenue Budget: Part 3

In this third part of our series examining how to build a grounded revenue budget for 2019, we’d like to offer our top three recommendations for growth in 2019. Recommendation One: Implement verticals-based revenue budgeting for 2019. It is not…

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Media Share of Ad Revenue by Local Market

Building Your 2019 Revenue Budget: Part 2

It’s budgeting season and many of our clients have expressed their concern about next year and beyond. Both certain and uncertain dynamics are at play involving recurrent influences (i.e., politics, Olympic games) and the continuous changes (i.e., digital, consumer content…

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Innovation in Advanced TV in Local Markets Continues

BIA Advisory Service's released our latest report in the advanced TV series, Advanced TV and Innovation in Local Markets. To dig into the current marketplace trends and get informed views about what the leading indicators are and what we should expect to see, we've…

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New Lens On Local Helps TV Sellers Compete Better

Advertisers expect media sellers to have knowledge of their market, business and what works for advertising. In fact, our small business survey (Local Commerce Monitor) respondents rank in-depth product intelligence and the value of the product vs. others as top wants from…

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