Cool Item of the Day: Watch the Inauguration on Your iPhone

Live streaming video company Ustream announced a new iPhone application today that will let you tap into whatever videos it is streaming live on the Web. Its coming-out party will be during the presidential inauguration next Tuesday.

Mobile video is a topic that’s gaining steam, along with the general excitement around mobile hardware and software advances. Ustream will be the first live video application on the iPhone as far as I can tell, although the still unavailable LiveStation app (broadcast feeds) was announced in last month.

This should get a big splash among the relatively small set of iPhone power users but mobile video will soon be standard issue for everyone else. It should also be a good promotional boost for Ustream, which has been streaming lots of live events, such as the TechCrunch50 and last week’s “Crunchie” awards.

The application isn’t yet available in iTunes but you can gain access to it by following directions on the Ustream blog.

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  1. Devin Davis

    Yet another reason that iPhones are, as they say the “Come to Jesus” phone…

  2. Jared James

    Dude, that’s awesome!

    I might have to get an iPhone for that one. So people can really host their live shows on iPhones? I like that!

    You know, this is gonna go great with Joel Comm’s new App comin out. :D


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