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Yes, Goats. From the Friday humor department, Google has decided to replace the hired lawn mowing at it’s Mountain View Campus with goats.

It will rent a herd of 200 goats from a company called California Herding (yes a company exists for outsourcing your grazing needs). Google is spinning it as a low-carbon way to keep the grass short, which will cost about same amount as gasoline powered lawn mowers — including the requisite border collie to herd them.

Makes sense — and very Google-like. Best of all, according to Google, the goats “fertilize” at the same time. That can only mean one thing.

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  1. I know this may sound all nice and “Green” but considering the amount of emissions all those servers emit, and the energy consumption…

    It would be nice to see a news worthy title like “Google buys 100 billion dollars worth of Green Power!”

    Just a thought…


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