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At Leading in Local: ILM 2013: Digital Agencies

  Today at BIA/Kelsey's Leading in Local: Interactive Local Media conference, leaders of local digital agencies shared some critical success factors in the challenging business of offering agency services to local business -- that combination of brand agnostic digital marketing…

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Merchant Circle ‘Relaunches’ As Directory-Centric Site

A few years ago, Merchant Circle pushed the boundaries of SMB marketing,-- getting claimed profiles from over one million SMBs with just minimal staff but the latest in social marketing (and telemarketing) techniques. The site has continued to develop after…

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ReachLocal Moves Away From Consumer-Facing ‘ClubLocal’

ReachLocal announced today that it is moving away from its new ClubLocal business, which connects consumers with service providers. The publicly-owned company said that it is now considering a deal that would allow ClubLocal to be taken over by a…

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Winners Announced For ILM’s Yelp Headquarters Tour We have taken a drawing of the many entrants for our Yelp headquarters "PreCon" tour at Leading in Local: Interactive Local Media on Dec. 10, and we have a lucky group of winners. The new Yelp building is the…

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Perfect Audience, DataSphere Team to Retarget Local Ad Campaigns

Retargeting is now available for local marketing campaigns after having been primarily used by national marketers. The practice, which inserts ads that had previously been viewed on other sites, has become increasingly important for online marketing. But it hasn't been…

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xAd: It’s Not Just About Location… Big Data is Big Differentiator

ScreenHunter_02 Nov. 20 20.08

ScreenHunter_01 Nov. 20 20.07

As we keep saying, the age of big data is colliding with the age of mobile. This is playing out in lots of ways, most notably mobile and location signals used to better target mobile ads. But it’s not just targeting as in where the ad shows up… but also what it contains.

xAd has been pushing this idea for a while and it’s now out with its latest quarterly Mobile Location Insights report. The data xAd utilizes in particular is situational (smartfences) and behavioral (user data, brand affinity, etc). These are showing lots of growth on its network.

ScreenHunter_04 Nov. 20 20.19

As its been doing for each quarterly report, xAd reports that this location targeting has real performance benefits when compared with the rest of the mobile ad industry (where location targeting doesn’t index as high). This goes for clicks and secondary actions like calls.

ScreenHunter_05 Nov. 20 20.23


Going one level deeper, xAd reports that additional use of situational and behavioral user profiling data creates an even greater performance delta over location targeting alone. This happens to the tune of 10 percent greater click through rate throughout xAd’s network.

ScreenHunter_06 Nov. 20 20.27


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Reading List: Recent Blog Coverage of LIL: ILM Speakers

At Leading in Local: Interactive Local Media Dec. 10-12 in San Francisco, we are presenting 50 of local's top players. Want some homework? We've pulled recent coverage of some of our speakers from our Local Media Watch blog. There's plenty…

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