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Video is a big component of how small businesses market themselves. And it appears that SMBs are beginning to take advantage of the full range of opportunities that video offers, not just to promote their brand but to educate consumers and engage with customers. Video had moved beyond advertising to be come a pivotal tool for small-business content marketing.

Mike Osborne, president of bieMedia, will address this progression of video’s utility for SMBs in a talk on Day 2 of BIA/Kelsey’s SMB conference, Sept, 29-30 in Denver. We spoke with Mike recently at bieMedia’s downtown Denver headquarters and got a preview of his conference presentation.

“SMBs when they first started out, were just trying to get a video out there,” Osborne said. “It has evolved from being just an ad program to becoming more of a conveyor of a message.”

Watch the video below for more of Osborne’s remarks.

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