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YP continues its push to integrate content from popular consumer application, this week announcing a deal to include many of Groupon’s active deals in search results on and the YPmobile app. Chicago-based Groupon has about 450,000 active deals.

YP has previously integrated content from Fandango and Uber into its search results. The Uber deal allowed consumers to request a ride from the business listings page within the YP mobile app. The big idea was to enable everything from researching a transaction to providing transportation to complete the sale.

The Groupon deal adds an element of discovery to the search experience on YP’s properties.

“Millions of people have come to depend on YP to help them schedule and transact directly with local businesses to get things done, so working with a leader like Groupon to integrate their offers was a natural fit for YP,” said Stu MacFarlane, Executive Vice President, Consumer Platforms at YP. “Additionally, Groupon deals have the potential to encourage YP users to try out a business they might not have otherwise, allowing them to discover new favorites.”

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  1. The UBER integration was extremely productive. It allowed consumers to physically reach the business directly through the YP App after the discovery phase. The Groupon integration makes sense, curious how YP is going to monetize this. Also, both Groupon and YP are slowly losing brand value and with that their organic audience, so it will be interesting to see if this marketing partnership actually increases the unique traffic to either of the sites. -makeitmindful

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