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Thanks to commercials from Apple that show us how easy it is to make videos and pull on our heartstrings, we see how powerful a video can be in selling phones. Consumers driving the popularity of video, and a recent study from Promo, found that most consumers view Facebook video ads as relevant or highly relevant.  Not only are big brands using video content marketing but local businesses are increasingly making and using video as part of their marketing plans. 60% of businesses say they use video on their website and 40% use YouTube videos for promoting their businesses. Content marketing can be very effective in reaching target audiences with customized messages and extending through digital channels.

Nearly 30% of businesses produced at least one video in the last 12 months, according to data from BIA Advisory Services’ newly released Survey of Advertising and Marketing of Businesses (SAM™), with most producing between 1 and 5 videos in the last year. How are they making videos? Most say they created the video themselves or used social media ad tools. We see that businesses that are used to using visual advertising, TV and cable advertisers, the production of videos jumps to over half producing at least one video in 2018.

Media sellers should not overlook the opportunities to extend their commercials through social and mobile. As many local TV and cable companies already produce commercials for clients, they are in an excellent position to offer video production services and help with video advertising. These advertisers use video, so make sure you are offering not only over-the-air ads, but also OTT and social distribution of their commercials to drive awareness and sales.

You can read more about BIA’s new SAM survey here.

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