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ILM East: Calling all Broadcasters

Tuesday morning, ILM East kicked off before the sun rose, with coffee and klatching about broadcasters and online. After some introductory remarks, BIA/Kelsey VP Rick Ducey turned over the podium to his colleague, VP Mark Fratrik. Fratrik gave a recap…

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ILM East: Mobile CEO Roundtable

Lawrence Coburn, CEO and cofounder, DoubleDutch; Walt Doyle, president and CEO, Where; Ted Morgan, CEO and founder, Skyhook; and Annette Tonti, CEO, Mofuse took the stage for a CEO mobile panel to share their views of market trends and opportunities. The steep trajectory…

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ILM East: National Advertisers and Local Search

Executives from two well-known brands talked about how they are attacking local, social and mobile in the panel, National Advertisers and Local Search.

Moderator Andrew Shotland walked the two marketing execs through a series of questions aimed at understanding how these companies are using new media options to support their brands and drive leads.

The panelists are:

Elnora Palms, director, local search initiative, U-Haul

Matthew Marko, marketing process manager, Progressive Insurance

Both companies work with large networks of dealers or independent agents, which means accurate data about their locations is a constant challenge.

Here are a few highlights from the dialogue:

How should vendors approach you?

Elnora Palms: “Come prepared. Have an understanding of what we are trying to accomplish. Know we are more than moving trucks. That allows us to say this is a business that seriously wants to partner because they have done the legwork.”

This year, where are you prioritizing your online marketing efforts?

EP: “We manage data in-house. We have centralized all listing and data management. Once data is clean, then we are in a position to look at ad words, getting ourselves out there, but accurately. That was the objective this year. Now partnering to make sure we are managing where we are listed. Our objective this year is a good selection of partners.”

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ILM East: Hotpot Adds People to Places

A panel of Google Local execs spoke at ILM East today about the importance of building social and personalized content on top of the basic business listings details that constitute Places (and so many other online local products). Lior Ron,…

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ILM East: Is Hyperlocal Now Hyper-Relevant?

A powerful panel of local media players talked this morning about the challenges of doing hyperlocal effectively and profitably on “The New Wave of ‘Hyper-Relevant’ Media.” Hyperlocal has long been a vexing challenge, for publishers, from a content creation standpoint as well as making money.

One panelist compared it to mobile, an opportunity filled with anticipation and promise, but that always seemed to be a year away. Finally, mobile is living up to its promise. So when will hyperlocal follow suit?

Here are some panel highlights:

David Haupt, Director, Local Revenue,

Haupt describes as the biggest network of citizen journalists. The business started with a national focus, moving increasingly to local, both in terms of content and revenues. The site began with celebrity and nationally focused examiners and has moved down the line to “backyard poultry examiners.”

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ILM East: Welcome to Boston

This afternoon at BIA/Kelsey's ILM East, Boston Globe publisher Chris Mayer got things going with remarks that shed light on how a traditional media company is transforming itself to a new digital era business model. His challenge is not finding…

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New at ILM East: Constant Contact CEO Gail Goodman

The program for ILM East March 21-23 in Boston is nearing completion with the addition of a great new keynote: Constant Contact CEO Gail Goodman. Goodman joins a roster of nearly 50 featured speakers, including opening keynoter David Weinberger, a…

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